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We need your help!

Are you able to donate?
Donate using PayPal or send us a message for details!

Donate through PayPal to sponsor a FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary rescue animal. A small monthly donation means you make a difference in the life of a rescued FrogHollow animal. All funds are used exclusively for the care of the animals including feed, bedding, and vet care. 


With a monthly sponsorship, we'll send you a 'virtual adoption certificate' which includes a picture of and bio of your chosen animal friend.

TAX RECEIPTS: Unfortunately, we are unable to issue tax receipts at this time. We are a small family-run sanctuary with too little revenue which does not allow us the ability to apply for charitable status. With support and growth, we will get there someday!

Choose a sponsorship or donation option below.

Recurring Monthly Sponsorship:

A great way to give to an animal friend for a longer term without a specific end date. 

Choose an amount you'd like to donation each month, then click 'Sponsor Now!'.

1 Year Sponsorship:

With payments for 12 months automatically billed to your credit card by PayPal, you are providing much needed food and care for your animal.

6 Month Sponsorship:

A 6 month sponsorship is a shorter term commitment to an animal friend. Payments are automatically billed to your credit card by PayPal.

One-time Donation:

A one-time donation supports the animals and rescue efforts here at FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary. Payments are automatically billed to your credit card by PayPal.

Cancelling a Sponsorship

Every recurring monthly sponsorship is tremendously appreciated. We thank you for every dollar you share with us for the animals. But, you might change your mind, and we can understand that. You can manage your sponsorship from you PayPal account, or send us a message.

Email us at
Animals need food!​

Immediate need:

Scratch grain

Whole or cracked corn

Goat pellets

Duck pellets

Fruits and vegetables




Project material​

Construction lumber

Fence posts, fence wire

New or used bricks or patio stones

Other items​

To help the animals stay warm!

Old blankets, comforters, rugs, and even fabric

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