Carl was supposed to come from his previous home back in December 2015 but he had other plans and refused to get on his ride. He chose to wait till spring 2016 to come with his bestie Elliot (RIP) and Picasso too. Carl has quickly become the boss of the herd. He is possibly the eldest male but I think he knows no one is going to challenge those horns! He is confident but fairly mild mannered most of the time.
She came to us in December of 2014 and has fit in very well.
He keeps to himself. Somewhat curious, but not dominating - more submissive. He arrived summer 2016.
Molly and Holly
These two came to us with Beth and the sheep (Max and Fergie) in December of 2014. They are the best of friends.
Woodrow (Woody)
Woody came here with his two horses (Holly and Maggie) after he was nearly left homeless. He came here tiny and afraid of all of the other goats and preferred to lay alone at the edge of the field. He loves people and attention and is slowly learning how to be a goat again. He may just be the first one to greet you at the fence for a scratch. If you think you don't like goats I can assure you this boy will change your mind!
From a family moving and downsizing and not wanting him anymore, here is Newt, a cute, lovable, and sometime rough boy. It took him a while to integrate and be accepted by the other goats, but he's all FH goat now.
Willis is young and bouncy. He's a mini mixed breed with toggenburg. He was rescued from a hoarding situation and came to us in November 2017.
Simon is like a dog - he'll follow you everywhere, eat anything, get into trouble any time. Unfortunately, he gets away with everything because he's just too cute.
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